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Checked is the original ASIO engine that is optimised for very low latency renamed ultra-latency and is still considered the default engine.

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Some computers have problems with this optimization. I have gone in and adjusted ultra-low latency asio ASIO settings as far as the X32 software will let me, but it doesn't seem to be able to go much faster. I'm still having this issue. I had a guitarist in for a session this weekend, and I tried to use a guitar effects VST, but it was literally at least half a second, maybe more, between when he played a note on his guitar and when we heard it with the effects. My feeling is that this must be related to the USB connection between the X and the computer.


Everything else works perfectly as far as latency I can easily play back tracks from my DAW ultra-low latency asio the X32 and record along with them. But any time I use a softsynth, I get this huge delay. This should bring overall roundtrip latency down to the ms range, the bare minimum, as in dedicated hardware-accelerated high-end digital recording gear. More articles by this author. Joe is a musician, engineer, and producer in NYC. Featured Instruments. I have full access to all the channels and it works! I could only get a 9ms latency with the usb audio drivers without crackles and that was by setting priority to real time!!! I'm only too happy to announce this, since I've had loads of problems We would love to keep you updated! Cmedia may update its privacy policy from time to time.

When we change ultra-low latency asio policy in a material way a notice will be posted on our website along with the updated privacy policy. This policy last updated 16 March This website and its contents are c Copyright Cmedia Electronics Inc. All rights reserved.

You can experiment with different settings to see how low you can get the buffer before your computer is too interrupted by general use to keep it stable. I don't know exactly why this is, but different combinations of audio hardware and computers seem to have different ultra-low latency asio useful buffer sizes. Success: 10ms Just needed to disable the onboard soundcard. In computer sound preferences, not in asio4all. Delay between the time that a user taps the screen, the event goes to the application and a sound ultra-low latency asio heard via the speakers.

Optimising The Latency Of Your PC Audio Interface

The Audio Engine reads the data from the buffer and processes it. Starting with Windows 10, the buffer size is defined by the audio driver more ultra-low latency asio on this are described later in this topic.

Starting with Windows 10, the buffer size is defined by the audio driver more details on this below. The Audio Engine reads the data from the buffer and processes them. The application is signaled that data is available to be read, as soon as the audio ultra-low latency asio finishes with its processing.


The audio stack also provides the option of Exclusive Mode. In that case, the data bypasses the Audio Engine and goes directly from the application to the buffer where the driver reads it from. However, if an application opens an endpoint in Exclusive Mode, then there is no other application that can use that endpoint to render or capture audio. However, the application has to be written in such a way ultra-low latency asio it talks directly to the ASIO driver. Both alternatives exclusive mode and ASIO have their own limitations. They provide low latency, but they have their own limitations some of which were described above.

Ultra-flexible audio interface connects your instruments, mixer, etc. Guitars : Electric guitarists generally play a few feet from their stacks, and since the speed of sound in air is roughly a thousand feet per second, each millisecond ultra-low latency asio delay is equivalent to listening to the sound from a point one foot further away. So if you can play an electric guitar 12 feet from your amp, you can easily cope with a 12ms latency. Keyboards : Even on acoustic pianos there's a delay between your hitting a key and the corresponding hammer hitting the string, so a smallish latency of 6ms ought to be perfectly acceptable to even the fussiest pianists.

Famously, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker of Steely Dan claimed to be able to spot 5ms discrepancies in their performances, but the vast majority of musicians are unlikely to worry about 10ms, and many should find a latency of 23ms or more perfectly acceptable with most sounds, especially pads with longer attacks. During playback and mixdown, latency largely determines the time ultra-low latency asio takes after you press the play button to actually begin hearing your song. Few people will notice a gap even as large as ms in this situation.

If you're running a pre-mastering application such as Wavelab or Sound Forge, you don't often need to work with a low latency. Few people notice the slight time lag ultra-low latency asio altering a plug-in parameter and hearing the audio result when mastering, even when this lag is ms or more. What is going on with Behringer?

UC-2 - Pro-Audio - NUX

The only guess I have: the drivers are signed by company with other name I do not remember whichso can it be license issue".Choosing ASIO drivers, where possible, should help you achieve the lowest latency, using the Control Panel window provided by your particular audio interface. ASIO drivers (Windows and Mac) and hardware for digital audio via USB, to 32 samples ( ms) and create an ultra highspeed USB audio connection.

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