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Category: Hitachi

Literature Updates. Please wait while we load your content Something hitachi microfilter wrong. Try again? Cited by.

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Dynamode ADSL MicroFilter (Tailed)

Isolation of circulating tumor cells using a microvortex-generating herringbone-chip. USA hitachi microfilter, — Wang, S. Highly efficient capture of circulating tumor cells by using nanostructured silicon substrates with integrated chaotic micromixers. Chen, Y. Rare cell isolation and hitachi microfilter in microfluidics.

Lab Chip 14—45 Thiery, J. Hitachi microfilter transitions in tumour progression. Cancer 2—54 Yu, M. Circulating breast tumor cells exhibit dynamic changes in epithelial and mesenchymal composition. Science— Lv, P.

Spatially hitachi microfilter segregation and recovery of circulating tumor cells from peripheral blood of cancer patients. Biomicrofluidics 7 Hou, H.


Isolation and retrieval of circulating tumor cells using centrifugal forces. Sun, J. Double spiral microchannel for label-free tumor cell separation and enrichment. Lab Chip 12— The present device made of photosensitive polymer was designed to attach to conventional syringe hitachi microfilter isolate the CTCs at minimal resources.

Donaldson Fuel Filter Water Separator Spin-on- P552564

Its unique tapered-slits on hitachi microfilter filter are capable not only to isolate the cell based on their size and deformability, but also to increase sample flow rate, thus achieving label-free rapid viable CTC isolation. We extended our study using the 18 blood samples from lung, colorectal, pancreatic and renal cancer patients and captured CTCs or clustered CTCs by immunofluorescent or immunohistochemical staining. Those comprehensive studies proved to use our device for cancer study, thereby inaugurating further in-depth CTC-based clinical researches. Keywords : Circulating tumor cells, tapered-slit filter, viable rare cell isolation, photosensitive polymer, clinical cancer study.


Circulating tumor cells CTCs are the tumor cells hitachi microfilter blood, originated from primary tumor site and responsible for cancer metastasis. After pre-clinical studies revealed their presence in cancer patient blood, subsequent clinical studies have been conducted and showed that their counts have close relavance to hitachi microfilter survival and metastatic potential.

In addition, in order to clarify their ambiguous and heterogeneous properties, label-free separation method and their molecular profiling are demanding. Moreover, due to their irreversible antibody interacion, those methods need additional chemical treatment or cleavable linker chemistry for releasing the captured cells for downstream analysis. Alternatively, the physical property-based CTC isolation methods have been prepared and proposed for hitachi microfilter those issues with the merit of rapid and simple CTC isolations.Hitachi starboard fx duo · Hitachi dz-mve · Hitachi dvd rom gd · Hitachi microfilter · Hitachi dvd-rom gd · Hitachi dvd rom gd s · Hitachi. Microfluidic device with integrated microfilter of conical-shaped holes for high efficiency and high purity capture of circulating tumor cells. hitachi microfilter


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