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I configure my touchpad behavior by the "synclient" tool; but since Debian 9 that has no effect, even though synclient is installed successfully.


No synaptics driver loaded" tool; but since Debian 9 that has no effect, even though synclient is installed successfully.

hp photosmart d5300 seriesIn case your Touchpad doesn't work at all (No response from the Touchpad)
gx e3300nscreen backlight
nisca pr5310Configuration

This is a debian synaptics touchpad of the Ubuntu Kernel Team and it helps them to handle bugs better. This is not a bug related to xserver-xorg-input-synaptics. In this case please don't file any new bugs, but add a comment in the existing bug for any relevant information that you have. Community Guidelines.

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Touchpad - Mousepad tap does not work on debian stable lxde - Super User

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Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. I have uploaded the following picture to give you an idea of how it should look like. I can't get the mousepad to register a click when I tap it. Related 2. Hot Network Questions. debian synaptics touchpad

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Question feed. You can look into the xfinput-mtrack AUR driver for better multitouch support.

Some desktop environments KDE and GNOME at least define sane and useful default configurations for clickpads, providing a right button at the bottom right of the pad, recognising two and three-finger clicks anywhere on the pad as right and middle clicks, and providing debian synaptics touchpad options to define two and three-finger taps as right and middle clicks. For example:.


The format for the SoftButtonAreas option is from synaptics 4 :. There is no middle button defined. If you want to define a middle button remember one key piece of information from the manual; edge set to 0 extends to infinity in that direction. If your buttons are not working, soft button areas are not changing, ensure you do not have a synaptics configuration file distributed by a package which is overriding your custom settings ie. These settings cannot be modified on the fly with synclienthowever, xinput works:. NOTE : Synaptics is not willing to disclose the protocol it uses for the multitouch support for its newer Touchpads.

As soon as Synaptics discloses it's debian synaptics touchpad, this issue will be fixed.

So, this is not a bug in general, and has been classified as a wishlist. If the above command works for you, then I will tell you debian synaptics touchpad further process. I am just checking if debian synaptics touchpad synaptics driver is working for you. If you can't find a Touchpad or Synaptics tab in your system settings, or the settings you wish to change cannot be changed through the GUI,  ‎Desktop configuration · ‎System-wide configuration. Synaptics TouchPad driver for server.

This package provides an input driver for the X server to enable advanced features of the Synaptics Touchpad.

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