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While this should allow you to print your document with your printer, it probably will not allow you to access many features of the printer.

A few of the choices you may see are given below in order of preferences. Hewlett Packard After a brief wait, turn seiko precision bp 9000 the printer again. Turn the printer off and back on again. If the error persists, consult your dealer.

SEIKO Precision BP-9000

The printer stops temporarily and restarts automatically when the print head temperature lowers to a safe level. Page Troubleshooting Guide Move the paper select lever to the continuous paper setting and carefully remove the jammed paper. Turn off the printer and wait one minute, and then turn it Paper Bail abnormal back on again. Consult your dealer if the error persists. Page Maintenance Cleaning Minimum periodical cleaning will ensure the maximum performance from your printer. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

This saves you not only a lot of copying, but also a good deal of printing. Set the print head adjustment lever used seiko precision bp 9000 one-part seiko precision bp 9000.

See page 15 3. Remove the rear cover of the printer or open the rear cover to lock the cover in the open position.

Seikosha Dot-Matrix Printer Ribbons UOS Corporation

Release the tractor lock levers the marked position as shown in the figure, and lock it in place. Place single sheet paper against the paper rack and let it slide behind the platen. Page Adjusting Print Head Position When using seiko precision bp 9000 forms, move the print head adjustment lever toward the front of the printer to widen the gap between the print head and the platen. In general, position 1 is used for one-part paper. Moving the head adjustment lever one notch adjusts the print head gap an amount corresponding to the addition of one more paper part. Close the cover to resume the operation.

Seiko BP-9000 Plus

If the printer is in the offline mode, the following appears on the display. In the offline mode, data is not received.

  • BP Plus
  • Seiko Group BP User Manual - Page 1 of
  • Seikosha Dot-Matrix Printer Ribbons
  • Procurement Notices

Features Options And Expendables Power Cord Printer Description Setting Up The top offset is effective for only one characterafter this sequence. The top offset is not dependent on the enlarged character arrangement. It is always based on the seiko precision bp 9000 of the cell corresponding to the ascender- based position.

The top offset is not dependent on cell expansion or length expansion. The bottom of a character i.

Seiko drivers free download software for all devices

If the top offset is too large and the bottom of the character extends below the bottom of the cell, the top offset is reduced. An underscore is drawn on the 25th pin line at a thickness of 1 dot x length expansion of the character. No seiko precision bp 9000 are printed if the enlarged character rotational angle is not set to 0 degree. Underscoring is off by default.


If n is set to 0, the magnification specified in the setup mode is selected. The expansion specified in the setup mode is set by default. Bar code and enlarged character If parameter seiko precision bp 9000 is different than shown above, this sequence is ignored. The absolute print position is based on the left margin. If the specified position exceeds seiko precision bp 9000 right margin, the print position is located at the right margin.


If a relative lefthand printing position to the left of the left margin is specified, left margin becomes the printing position. If a relative righthand printing position to the right of the right margin is specified, the right margin becomes the printing position. The movement distance is not dependent on the width expansion of enlarged characters. If parameter m is other than shown above, this sequence is ignored. The absolute print position is based on the TOF position.The pin BP from Seiko Precision is a high-performance state -of-the-art dot matrix printers and suitable for BP fanfold papers, cut seiko precision bp 9000.

View and Download Seiko Precision BP owner's manual online. Business Printer, pin wide-carriage dot matrix printer. BP Printer pdf manual.

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