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Show Comments. ATi's extremely successful "All-In-Wonder" series of graphics cards has garnered critical acclaim for many years now, with its highly integrated offering of Ati radeon all-in-wonder 8500dv, TV and Digital Video capabilities. DirectX 8.

ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon DV Specs - CNET

General info. Package Type. Included Video Adapter Accessories. Software Included. About one inch thick, you would think this manual to ati radeon all-in-wonder 8500dv detailed down to the smallest detail, yet when opened you would quickly find the manual to be thick for a reason. All three cards have different features and abilities, so expect a lot of confusion when reading this manual. With hard-to-read diagrams and the confusion of separating the 3 cards, I would recommend sitting down patiently and reading through the manual many times so you can understand things.

It was introduced on November 11, The RF remote is especially cool, as it frees you from the line-of-sight shackles of infrared-based remotes. The card sports only a single DVI output, but you can drive a secondary display via the ati radeon all-in-wonder 8500dv or S-Video outputs.

ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon DV Specs TechPowerUp GPU Database

Outside of attaching the video and audio cables from ati radeon all-in-wonder 8500dv stereo, VCR, TV and so on to the All-in-Wonder Radeon DV's breakout cable, physical installation is the same as it is with any other graphics card. While the vast majority of TV tuners are analog based meaning they use analog components such as resistors, inductors and capacitors to create band-pass filters that allow certain frequencies to pass through thus "tuning" to those channels, the AIW Radeon DV implements virtually all of those analog components into a single piece of silicon. Just think, you can have your system set up as a DVD player, game system, MP3 jukebox, or whatever you wanted, without having to pull out the mouse to navigate DVD menus.

Now, the real question is this: how long can a card like ati radeon all-in-wonder 8500dv last you? While the core and memory speeds of the beat the DV, where the DV really shines is in its multimedia capabilities. Ati radeon all-in-wonder 8500dv adapter is relatively easy to configure and connects to a proprietary jack on the back of the DV card. There are two audio jacks on the adapter allowing you to hook up computer speakers via a pass-through cable. Software Type.


Slot Required Type. Total Qty.

ALL-IN-WONDER Radeon 8500DV offers advanced features, support challenges

Show Full Site. Well, yes and no. ATI shuffles clock speeds around quite a bit with its Radeon line; the RadeonLE, and DV all have different core and memory clock speeds.

Things look pretty packed, and right ati radeon all-in-wonder 8500dv the bat, you might wonder if the Radeon DV will support your analog CRT monitor. An increasing number of video cameras and other PC peripherals support the Firewire standard, so its inclusion on the Radeon DV quite appropriate.


My, what a shiny TV tuner you have! In theory, digital tuners should have better quality than analog ones. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Don't show this again. See It. Core clock speed. Lost your password? Quake 3 scores show the flip side of the coin. Here the GeForce 3 soundly beats the DV by some pretty large amounts.ATI's All-in-Wonder Radeon DV. Although using the same capture and video encoding chip as its predecessor, the AIW Radeon DV. ATI's All-in-Wonder Radeon DV is the latest ati radeon all-in-wonder 8500dv the company's line of do-it-all graphics cards. In addition to graphics, TV-tuning, and.

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