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Active 2 years, 11 months ago. The commands are available only if they are relevant to the selected object.

Show Disk Usage. Open SSH terminal. Refresh DB list. Updates the list of all databases in the Object Browser.

Comment on Database. Adds a comment for the selected database. Script Database. Allows publishing a SQL command file that contains all the necessary commands for completely rebuilding the database aginity netezza workbench odbc. You can also specify the objects that must be included in the script.

Show User Sessions. Displays the Session List window that shows all those users who are connected to the selected server. The Session List window provides an option for terminating selected sessions.

Agnity User Guide

Displays a server side history for all executed queries up to a system defined limit which is queries by default. Displays a window that provides a detailed description i. For details, refer to Viewing Database Space.


Allows performing several types of data validation, including the uniqueness of data, referential integrity, bad table distribution, and so on. For details, refer to the Tools Menu. Performs analysis of the table contents to suggest improvements on the nullability of those fields that allow nulls, minimization of the row size by using aginity netezza workbench odbc minimum precision for columns, and minimization of the character columns length. Groom Database. Purges the previously deleted records from the database tables.

Unable to connect too netezza using Aginity. IM Odbc driver manager error - Stack Overflow

Refresh table list. Updates the aginity netezza workbench odbc of tables for the currently selected database. Data Review. Executes a SQL script that retrieves the top records, all existing duplicate records, or top duplicate records. Displays a set of advanced options for managing the selected table, including Aginity netezza workbench odbc, Groom, Change Distribution, Change Organize On, Re-order the data, and Analyze the data. Fill in the Function Properties form, and then click OK.

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Allows creating a new user-defined table-valued function. Allows adding and editing aginity netezza workbench odbc description of the selected user- defined function. Updates the UDA list. Updates the user-defined aggregates list in the selected database. Allows creating a user-defined function. Allows adding and editing the description of the selected user-defined aggregates.

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Functions Specific to Synonyms Refresh synonym list. Allows editing comments for the selected synonym. Viewing Database Space You can view the amount of space is occupied by any table that exists in aginity netezza workbench odbc database using the Show Tables Size function. The system provides storage details for tables in a selected database that can be displayed in the Table Space window.


Note: You can also display the Table Space window by right-clicking the database name, and then clicking Show Tables Size. The Summary tab consists of three additional sub-tabs: Grid displayed by defaultChart, shows the allocated number of bytesand Chart shows the number of bytes used. You can switch between the sub-tabs by aginity netezza workbench odbc the name of the required sub-tab. It is possible to specify for which tables the chart must be created.

How to Install Aginity Workbench for Netezza

The following options are available: Smart. Attempts to optimize the number of the displayed largest entities, so that the chart does not look over-cluttered with a lot of small tables. The following options are available: Bubbles Rectangular Ring By pointing to a component, you can display an area that provides general information on the database associated with it. The information includes allocated space, used aginity netezza workbench odbc, the percentage of used space in the allocated space, number of rows, skew, and the created date. Tools Menu The Tools menu allows you to access a variety of capabilities offered by Aginity Workbench for Netezza application.

Use this command to open a SQL file and run each of the queries in the Debug mode.Aginity does not supply Netezza ODBC or OleDb driver. 2) Type "Clients" and choose "IBM Netezza Aginity netezza workbench odbc Software and Clients (PureData Systems for Analytics)" from the drop down. We'll see if I get the ODBC/OleDB drivers for Windows.

Can you please send me a link to download the Aginity Netezza Workbench ODBC / OLEDB drivers" Help menu item takes me to IBM Fix Central.

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